Me and My Pizza!

We are more than just another pizza delivery restaurant.

We don’t own a factory. We source for the freshest produce and ingredients and produce our own sauces.  We’re focus on the process; working harder than others, we chop, slice and dice throughout the day in our kitchen at our outlets.

Our pizzas are handcrafted with all-natural, fresh whole premium meats and crunchy vegetables with 100% real cheese and our in-house made-from-scratch specialty sauces.

Bachelor’s Pizza Co. is the ideal solution for singles wanting a delicious pizza delivered to their home for a quick but satisfying meal without overpaying for it.

What each of us need is a nice pizza delivered to our homes. Especially more so in times when we are home alone, hungry and/or are busying ourselves with greater things to do in life.

The moment the doorbell rings, and getting our pizzas from the deliverymen. And, when we open the box to the heavenly smell and finally, gorging on the beautiful piece of heaven itself. All while multitasking between the things we love to do i.e. catching a show, playing a game or just simply chilling.

Yes, we all love our alone times. And we love our pizzas even more.

Bachelor’s Pizza Co. has got you back! We serve and deliver freshly baked pizza utilising freshest ingredients and our in-house made-from-scratch specialty sauces. Add on one of our delicious sides and you’ve got yourself the perfect plan.

At Bachelor’s Pizza Co., nothing stands in between ‘Me and My Pizza’!

Discover Our Pizzas

Bachelor’s Aloha

Hawaiian chicken calzone pizza.

Bachelor’s Pepperoni

Classic beef pepperoni calzone pizza.

Bachelor’s Vegetariana

A vegetarian calzone delight.